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Hello and welcome to Film at 11!  

You don't have to be a star to wear film earrings, but you might feel like one.  My name is Gail Jennings, and I started making these earrings while working in the film department at ABC-TV in Hollywood years ago.  Here you'll find earrings handmade from the positive print of motion picture stock using trailers, fill leader, commercials, and editorial pieces.  

  • Freeze Frame - miscellaneous images from trailers, commercials, fill leader, etc. 
  • Film Star -  a gold tone star on film leader that's black, white, or black w/ gold trim.
  • Film Fantasy - these are fancier earrings, embellished with rhinestones, Swarovski crystals, some are hand-painted, making them one of a kind.
  • Countdown Leader - Numbers limited to stock on hand. 
  • Slate - iconic image of the marker used to identify each take.
  • Double Feature - may combine images from two sources.  Double the length.

I loved the rich color saturation and the smooth feel of the film.  One day I made a pair of earrings from some footage and wore them to work.  I started selling them to co-workers who wanted them for gifts, or to wear themselves.  


I had lots of fun in my television career.  I worked behind the scenes on many shows and specials including General Hospital, ABC News and the Academy Awards. Now I'm retired and living in North Carolina.  

Today film making is largely digital, but the allure of film remains. Thank you for visiting my store.  And remember that a portion of every purchase raises dollars for film scholars.  

 Just added...Waist beads - available in a variety of styles, again, many are one of a kind and King's Pepper shakers.

  Happy shopping!

 Thank you.